Advanced Domain Name List Processing

Domain Name Filter Pro

Filter, Clean and Process Large Domain Name Lists, Import Domain Drop Lists, Split Domain Names into Component Words, Sort Domain Names Based on Word Counts and More...

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Filter Good Domain Names from Huge Lists

The software can handle huge domain lists and we have tested it with lists larger than 2 million domains.

Need to cleanup expired domain name lists?

You can download various domain drop lists from right within the software. You can also add and modify different download URLs.

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What Can Domain Name Filter Pro Do?

  • Import domain names directly from domain drop / auction lists from services like Snapnames and with a single click.
  • Split domain names into component words using one or more dictionaries. The software includes a number of different dictionaries (English words, list common first and last names, lists of places, common acronyms, common technical terms etc.)
  • Load your own dictionaries or use the built-in internal dictionaries for splitting domain names into word. The software supports any number of custom dictionaries. The built-in dictionary is for English words only.
  • Create exception lists for handling ambiguous domain names (ExpertsExchange / ExpertSexChange).
  • Pick out domain names that contain specific keywords at the start, end or in the middle.
  • Pick out domain names that do not contain specific keywords at the start, end or in the middle.
  • Filter domain names based on the length (domains longer than 5 characters, shorter than 35 characters, etc.) or word counts (domains with only 2 words, less than 4 words, etc.)
  • Pick out domain names that do not contain specific letters or digits. Useful when you don't like domains that contain a dash or alphabets like x, q, etc.
  • Change or remove domain name extensions in a large list of domain names with a single click.
  • Add domain name extensions like .COM, .INFO etc to a large list of words with a single click.
  • Extract domain names that do not contain repeated letters or digits (eg:,, etc)
  • Domain Name Filter Pro can process very large domain name lists with little CPU overhead.
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This software requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10(Preview)